Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My $4 Window Covering

We just moved into a new house about a week 1/2 ago and we had blinds on all the windows except for the half light window on our back door. We tried temporary paper blinds which looked horrible and they kept falling down. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across this amazing tutorial on Jenny's blog: Little Green Notebook. Thank you so much Jenny!
I bought the vinyl mini blinds from Walmart and I got this $30/yard fabric for free, thanks to my sister who had a coupon from a designer fabric store for a yard of free fabric. I already had the fabric glue and I had the ribbon. I love that this shade only took about 20 minutes to make and that they required no sewing! Seriously, this was the perfect solution for our door. Check out Jenny's blog to find the directions and make some of your own... also, she has so many wonderful projects and ideas.


Mommy Shar said...

So jealous Em, I hate ours but don't think as this point I can take it back. Love it!! You are too creative. Everything looks fabulous, I need to get busy.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing.