Friday, February 19, 2010

Shamrock Door Hanging Tutorial

Want to make your own?

First of all start with a heart template (mine is about a 5" heart). Using a light white colored pencil trace the hearts in a clover shape onto a piece of green stiff felt. ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
Next, cut it out and lay it on top of a piece of green burlap ( I also found this at Hobby Lobby). A 1/2 yard will make a few of these... stitch around the edges.After you are done stitching around all the edges, cut off excess burlap.
Punch holes using a 1/16" circle hole punch and loop some thick wire through the holes and twist the ends.
Next tie a bow from some fun gold ribbon and embellish with a button or a rhinestone and hot glue it onto the wire.
Yay, now you are finished and have a fun, light-weight door hanging that won't bang loudly against your door in the wind.
Or you can hang in on your wall from a decorative hook!
Let me know if you have additional questions!


Sarah and Ty said...

cute!! can i just buy one?

Emily Call said...

Sarah, I do have an extra one if you are really interested. Let me know.

Laura Stringham said...

i couldn't believe how fast you had changed your decor. we just took christmas down from our door last week. and your stuff is all so freaking cute!

all thingz related said...

I just love your shamrock! It's just perfect! I found you from Somewhat Simple's St.Patrick Day party!
Rebekah {All Thingz Related}

ificould said...

I LOVE this! You have such a cute blog! I featured this tutorial on my blog:

You can grab a button saying you were featured:

Thanks for this great idea - I can't wait to make it!