Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pizza Party

My daughters' birthdays are 5 days apart so I decided to plan both of their parties on the same day at different times. I knew it would be a long crazy day, but it turned out really well and all the kids had such a great time!
Singing Happy Birthday to my 6 year old.
playing "Don't Eat Pete-za!", my version of "Don't Eat Pete".

The birthday Girl opening her gifts.

The older kids got to make their own mini pizzas and they thought it was the greatest thing ever!
My 6 year old showing offer pizza hat. Notice the fun breadsticks I made on wooden dowels? Those were a big hit too!

The party favors.

Notice the fun little pizza banner! That giant pizza box is actually a present that my sister made for my daughter... Isn't it cute?

My sweet little 3 year old wearing her pizza hat.
The younger kids got to eat take out pizza and breadsticks... I wasn't even going to attempt letting them top their own pizzas. ha ha.

Here is the cake. I made the toppings out of fondant and the cheese is grated white chocolate.
We also let the kids play in a bounce house. I even heard a few kids say "this is the funnest party I have ever been to!" Success! Happy Birthday to my two beautiful daughters. Love you both!


Mommy Shar said...

You continue to amaze me. Alex had a great time. Thanks for the amaing parties.

Alesha said...

Absolutely adorable Em! You are so awesome! Looks like the best party ever to me!

Alicia said...

You are ridiculously talented, Emily. Can I hire you to do my kids' parties. They settle for Costco Cake and very un-homemade decorations. I am so jealous! So fun that you have a blog. Can't wait to add you to my blog roll! Thanks for sharing. I was only jealous for a minute ;)

Bethany said...

You have the cutest ideas. I bet your girls love having a mommy that is so talented.

Cynthia said...

Cutest. Party. EVER. But then again I would expect nothing less. :) Happy birthday to two adorable girls!! I cannot believe how fast they are growing up. We miss you guys!

Laura Stringham said...

awesome, awesome, awesome. you are incredible. the cake might be my favorite part.

Sarah and Ty said...

SOOOO cute!! I love the cake and all the finishing touches.