Friday, February 25, 2011

Robot Paintings

So I decided on a Robot theme for my baby's nursery.  I decided on a color scheme of gray, navy, light blue and orange.   I bought some blank canvases at Hobby Lobby this morning.  They were on sale... score!  It took me 6 hours to paint the 3 canvases.  Not too bad.  Now I have some art to hang on the wall in my nursery.  Slowly, very slowly the room is coming together.  I have about 13 weeks left before Davis arrives and I still have so much to do.  I am planning on painting the crib a Navy Blue color and I'd love to hang some shelving.

 Anyway, I am happy with the progress so far and I am very happy with my fun little Robot paintings.


Katie said...

Hello! You should look in the land of nod catalog or land of nod online for more robot decorating ideas. I know right now they have robot sheets that could work for when your little guy gets older.

Charlet & family said...

So cute. You should take pictures and reproduce these as prints to sell on Etsy.